Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blog Stalking (and Mind Wandering)

Does anyone else go blog stalking? You know, where you start out reading someone's newest blog entry, and then you find yourself looking at their blog roll, scanning the creative names of other blogs? Some of the names are really clever and/or outrageous, so you start clicking on those blogs to see what they're all about. Intrigued by many beautiful arts and crafts, creative writing, some great photography and clever do-it-yourself projects, you click your way deeper and deeper into some pretty interesting blogs. Soon, you're adding addresses to your Reader just so you don't forget the great blogs you just found. Or you can't find your way back to one that you need to see again. I am so guilty. I have found great blogs and websites to explore as I've been searching for any tatting classes or groups near me. After seeing tatting groups and classes and conventions in other parts of the world, it seems funny we don't have a class or a guild or something specific to tatting here in my immediate area. Unfortunately, I don't see anything other than the Lace Society, which involves all the different lace-making techniques, not just tatting, and anyone that knows me knows that I DO NOT need to be enticed into another hobby. I will have to stick with my online learning of the art of tatting and maybe start a group someday. (Keywords: maybe, someday)

So, other than blog stalking, I'm working on a small crochet doily for my daughter Andrea's apartment. She broke down and asked for one after being pretty sure she didn't like crocheted stuff. It looks too "old-ladyish". But, she has now discovered that she actually likes (really!) the beauty of thread crochet and tatting, and requested a doily - er, maybe with pineapples? Wow, she has been paying attention. (She also knows it would take much too long for me to tat a doily of much size - her color scheme could change 4 times.) I should be finishing that in the next couple of days, and returning to work on tatting a beginner doily I started before the butterfly exchange.

I am also working on a photo book for Mom & Dad, who are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary this summer. I asked them to pick out some of their most favorite pictures from over the years, so I have a shoebox full of wonderful photos that I've been scanning and uploading to work with. I get sidetracked there too - admiring the photos, digging deep into my childhood memories and thinking about other things I could do with the photos. (See? Like I need another project.)

Needless to say, my mind has been wandering and I haven't completed any new projects to take photos of. But here's one of my favorite photos that was in that shoebox - me with my Grandpa Herbert when I was about 4 years old.


  1. I don't go blog "Stalking", LOL! That sounds creepy and sinister! I do go "blog-hopping" though! LOL! Yes, I agree that blog-hopping can sure get you lost in blogland, LOL!

    That is a really neat vintage photo!

  2. I agree with TattingChic, blog-hopping sounds better. And it's very easy to just go from one to another to another...But you find some great stuff! And I love the picture. You're so cute!

  3. LOL - I agree with both of you - blog hopping sounds much better. But I do kind of feel like a stalker when I'm looking at blogs of people I don't know . . .

  4. LOL! I know what you mean. I've come to this conclusion, though...if they didn't want people they didn't know looking at their blogs they would set it to private and send invites out!

    Thank you for entering my giveaway! Good luck to you!