Friday, July 24, 2009

County Fair Time

County fair time again - already! Seems the summer flies by faster every year. Each year, employees help out at the highway department booth answering questions about county road construction, the snow plow/sanding trucks, and whatever else might be related to the county highways. I always enjoy a couple of shifts at the booth - it allows some relaxed visiting with coworkers and the public. The public doesn't always like us so much, so it's an opportunity to answer questions and be informative in a more positive way than we are usually portrayed.

One of the things I like best about our booth is the culvert. We have about 3 culverts each year that the kids LOVE to decorate. The culverts are used where needed, so the kids think it's cool to know that their autograph will buried out there somewhere! I can imagine they look extra hard in all the construction zones when driving by.

This little guy was all over the culvert - inside and out - and covered in the chalky lumber crayon. One look at this kid brings to mind one of my favorite mottos from the days I was a daycare provider - "if the kids are dirty, they must've had fun!"

I think he had a lot of fun!


I did get a chance to visit the Creative Arts building. The usual entries were there - but I noticed there was not one tatted item. NOT ONE!

Note to Self: Enter tatting in the fair next year - one in almost every category of Division 18, Hand Made Lace. Class 01 Article trimmed with tatted edging [what could I make?], Class 02 Other tatted articles [bookmark?], Class 03 Tatted doily [hmmmm], Class 05 Christmas Item [angel or ornament?], Class 06 Not Listed [what else could I make?]. I have a whole year to get these done.)

Last year I entered a crocheted doily just for the heck of it and won a 2nd place ribbon. That was the first time EVER entering anything in a county fair, so that was fun. I remember as a kid wanting to be in 4H and enter things like my farm cousins did - sewing, bunnies, calves, chickens, etc. But, I was a city kid, and 4H clubs were a little out of the way. (Besides, we didn't have a barn for the things I wanted - namely a horse.) With no other tatting competition (or very little, anyway), I should be able to get all the ribbons, and maybe it will spur some interest in tatting in this area. Hmmmmm.

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  1. If nothing else you will prove it's not a 'lost art' by having some out there. Plus, it is kinda fun to have your things out there, even as an adult. And if people don't enter anything in those classes, they may eliminate them, which would be sad. And you have a whole year to plan. Keep that fair book handy to remind you of what you can do!