Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bluebirds, Berries and Blooms

We have babies! I have been enjoying the backyard so much this past week, I haven't taken the time to post about it. I have lots of pictures to share!

There are bluebird babies in one of four bluebird houses that we have set up as part of a bluebird trail. The trail of houses continues to neighboring properties. We wait every year for the bluebirds to return, and hope that they take up residence in our yard. They are very patient, sweet, non-agressive birds, so they sometimes lose out to swallows. (We much prefer the bluebirds, as they do not swoop our heads every time we go outside!) The bluebirds play and perch all over the yard with their beautiful blue feathers shining in the sun. It's fun to watch as mom and dad take turns bringing food to their babies. We watch as the parents arrive to feed them, perching on various things along the way to the house scoping out the possibility of any predators watching them before getting home. The babies chirp like crazy for the few moments being fed, and then become immediately silent when their parents fly away. Amazing how they know to be absolutely silent to protect themselves. The wonder of nature! We have ripe wild rasperries in the woods behind us, and today I captured this photo of mama (or is it dad?) bringing a berry for lunch.

So, I spend quite a bit of time in the backyard admiring my flowers and ignoring the weeds. (I figure if I let the weeds get tall enough, I can pull them standing up!) The flowers are doing nicely, but I do need to get out there and rearrange some. I didn't plan out the blooming throughout summer progression very well. This is my view of the backyard from the deck.

Today I was crawling around following a bee from flower to flower to get the perfect shot. I took about 20 shots to get one that I liked. Wonder what the neighbors thought?

This is one of my crazy lilies. This thing had so many blooms on it I don't think they all opened. The ones that did open were in a sphere - all on one stalk! Crazy thing.

The dogs are loving our unusually cool weather. We usually have the upper 80's and into the 90's in July, but this past week has been very odd sweatshirt and jeans weather in the 60's. Today it is barely reaching 80, but is beautiful with low humidity. Taffy chases her frisbee as many times as we will throw it, and has done this for pretty much all of her 10-1/2 years. She's in good shape! Ruby prefers to strike a sexy pose, as if she's modeling for Boxer Magazine.

I did finish some crafty goals this week. I finished this crocheted doily for Andrea - the daughter who has decided she likes crochet and tatted stuff after all. Especially since she needs doilies for her new apartment to protect the furniture. (Imagine that - NOW it's important to protect the end tables . . .)

I also finished my very first tatted doily this morning. I have it blocked, so will have to post a picture of that one tomorrow when it's dry. I just can't get that joining the last ring to the first ring thing. The last step to finish that doily is practically a story in itself!

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