Friday, April 1, 2011


It's April?  There IS hope that Spring will arrive in this frozen tundra called Minnesota! 

In honor of that thought, AND the fact that it's International Tatting Day, I finished a bookmark with the beautiful HDT I had left from my doily.  Thinking about the doily as an Easter decoration with a vase of pretty spring flowers on it is a wonderful thought, and I decided I needed to make a springy bookmark too.  (And I was feeling sort of guilty for not totally loving the doily, because I really love the thread.)  I just added a long chain with a little charm on the end for the tail.  I kinda like how that came out  - sort of unique.

2nd 25-Motif Challenge
Motif #15
Flowers Bookmark by Jill Hanna
Yarnplayer's Summer Trail HDT, Size 20

There was a bluebird sighting in the backyard this week.  My tulips are popping through the ground.  The snow is melting and the sun wants to shine.  Yahoo! There is hope that this endless winter will be done soon!


  1. No more snow? Gee. My sis in Alberta is expecting a snow storm on the weekend! Can you imagine??

    Your bookmark is really pretty. Unusual colour combos.

    Happy International Tatters' Day!
    Fox : )

  2. Your BM is beautiful. Chilly here, too.

    Happy Tatting Day ; )

  3. Chilly rain here. Any birds in the area are under cover (questioning their instincts, no doubt) -- keep focusing on Easter and it will come.

    Your bookmark is a lovely complement to the doily and so pretty on its own.

    [subliminal message]
    blue skies...butterflies...bunnies...spring is coming!

  4. That's a really nice bookmark! :)

  5. Very pretty bookmark! A Happy International Tatting Day to you as well.

  6. That is a lovely bookmark!
    I like the colors.. it has an antique
    appeal to it.


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