Saturday, April 30, 2011

Too Much Surfing

. . . to accomplish much lately!  I get so involved in finding great ideas and patterns online, that I run out of time to actually make anything.  And then this morning I went to the St. Paul Craftstravaganza - an annual urban art fair with great handmade work by many who also have Etsy shops.  Talk about creativity - I love upcycled artwork and all things handmade, so it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.  (And avoid housework - hehe.)

Actually, this week I have been working on these two bookmarks for a bookmark exchange through the Tatting Forums.  Mainly I was trying to get that spiral tail to work as wonderfully as I've seen others on blogs - but I just don't get it quite as even as I'd like to.  Here's just a peek until I mail them off to my partners this week:

I just made a chain of the 2nd half only of a double-stitch.  Some directions I have say to do this, only stitch over either 3 strands or a thicker piece of thread creating a "padded" spiral.  I tried using a thicker piece of crochet cotton, but I couldn't quite figure out how to make that extra piece of thread stay put, and without the ends showing when I got done.  Is there a trick to that?  Or maybe a good source for directions?  I'm sure I am once again making it harder than it really is  :)

I received one bookmark exchange this week - it's so much fun to get this kind of mail:

And in my favorite color - blue! Size 80 thread no less - it's really quite delicate and pretty.  Many thanks to Tattabugg - she was so prepared for this exchange!

The only other accomplishment I have for the past couple of weeks is emptying shuttles.  I have been sitting in my new woman-cave making butterflies to empty shuttles and have plenty of business cards ready to hand out.  Not that anyone is knocking down the door to join us, but I'm prepared for when they do! 


  1. I think your spirals look very nice!

  2. I think they look nice too!

    I have never used anything more as a core than the couple of threads that needed hiding from the bookmark itself, so no advice on using thicker cores...

    I love the cards with tiny butterflies!

  3. your spirals look very nice.
    I have done them with and without padding, it just depends on what you have to work with.
    The ends usually get hidden as you go, once you are finished and have snugged up the stitches,then cut any that are showing, they will disappear into the spiral chain. One thing that I have learned with doing spirals is to "untwist" every few stitches. about every 5 half stitches, I pass the shuttle around the core, not making a stitch, just taking the twist out of the work. it helps to get the stitches even and makes it easier to snug the stitches up against each other.

    would love to join you in the Twin Cities tatters, but to far to go. sigh..

  4. Your spirals do look very nice!

    I do what Ladytats does - every five stitches throw the shuttle over the thread. This keeps the twist consistent.

    Also, I thread a needle with the remaining cut thread and pull it up a few millimetres through the spiral. It disappears when I stretch out the spiral.
    Fox : )

  5. wonderful post + awesome cards!

  6. Another vote for great spirals! On a side note. It's a great picture too!

  7. I'm an addicted surfer. I google images when I can't find anything new and find all kinds of new stuff. Maybe it's just that I'm so curious about so many things and take pleasure in learning and being inspired.

    Your spirals look great! I tend to stick with the set stitch patterns as I can never get my spirals to look even.

    You can never have too many business cards. I never seem to have one with me when I need it though!

  8. The spirals look good. I have one on a cross bookmark I just made. I don't remember if I was doing it and noticed you post the other day or if I noticed it on your post and then tried it.:-0 Anyway, both top and bottom tassels are spirals with several strands of thread in the center.

    Your business cards look great - eye catching! What a great way to promote the group.


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