Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another year . . .

OLDER.  Yep.  But when I consider the alternative, I'm happy to add a digit to my life! 

In our office, we have a traveling birthday frog that sings an annoying rendition of Happy Birthday.  Everyone pretends to hate the frog, but really he's a fun office tradition.  (Fun when it's someone else's birthday.)  Here is  how I expressed my "love" for this guy today:

OK, so there's my sick sense of humor again :)

I spent part of my day working our fair booth today.  Every year I enjoy seeing the kids' faces intrigued by the clown making balloon animals, the teens wandering by thinking they are so cool, and the 4-H kids wandering the fairgrounds until it's their turn to show their animals.  So much involvement on so many levels.

For some reason, today I was getting a kick out of the various footwear.  I didn't get pictures of all of them - because it was weird to be taking pictures of people's feet and shoes - but I got a few.  I wish I would've gotten some pictures of the chubby little kids feet in sandals - they are the cutest!  It's fun to notice the trends though, and this year it seems to be cowboy boots with shorts.  Great on some people, not something I could pull off!

And, I saw my tatting entries and received a blue ribbon on each of my 4 entries.  I love the ribbons, but once again, there wasn't much competition.  Only one other tatted item!  My goal is to keep entering, year after year, and hope it sparks some interest!

Now I can get back to tatting.   Wonder what I should start next?


  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear tatting buddy, happy birthday to you!
    Or should that be hoppy?

  2. Happy Birthday! July is a popular month for birthdays! I love the yellow & black shoes. Love the boots too but I'd never wear something that hot in the summer!

  3. Happy Birthday Cindy! Poor froggy - although if his singing is THAT annoying, I might not be rushing to save him.

    Congratulations on your ribbons! I have taken the first step (by my way of thinking) for entering something in fair - I LOOKED at the categories, determined that there was indeed a tatting category, noted the deadline (tomorrow) and made a mental note to check on it sooner next year. It's practically a done deal!

    :) Ann

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you are starting a fun, creative year!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Cindy!
    Fox : )

  6. Congratulations on the ribbons!!! Love the frog and the shoes. Hope your birthday was great!!!

  7. Happy Birthday, new friend! Blue ribbons sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate. Maybe do an exchange or something next! It's always fun to swap tatting :)

  8. I hope your birthday was a happy one! Love the pictures you got of the shoes. Yes, skinny little girls can get away with boots with shorts, but I'm not in either of those categories :)Congratulations on the blue ribbons! Is this a county fair or the state fair? Our state fair is not until September, and I'm thinking about entering a couple of things. It's getting them there and picking them up after that could be a problem....


Thanks for your thoughts - I read and appreciate every one!