Thursday, July 21, 2011

Frog Break

I realized last night that I need to get my county fair entries ready to submit this weekend.  Yikes!  So I'm scurrying to get just a few tatted items finished and ready to go.  Nothing too fancy, but I'd really like to keep entering what tatting I can, since it has historically been so scarce at the fair. 

I had to take a little break tonite and get outside though - we have had record-breaking heat and humidity this week, and today was back to a normal summer temperature of about 85 F.  Finally, a beautiful summer day - and weeding was calling me once again.  (Stupid weeds love that humidity!)

We have these teeny-tiny little frogs outside.  They are everywhere!  Barely as big as my pinky nail, a couple of them made it all the way up onto my living room window - about 20 feet in the air.  Peeping frogs! 

They are cute, but they sure made me jump when they jumped from flower to flower as I was weeding.  (Cute as they are, I don't want them to TOUCH me.  Ick!)  I had to get the camera last night though - I just had to get some pictures of them in the lilies.  Arent' they cute?

Back to thinking about fair entries rather than frogs :)

Stay cool!


  1. They're sort of cute for amphibians. Interesting anyway! Good luck at the fair!!!

  2. They are cute on the flowers - on the window, not so much! Good luck with your fair preparations!
    :) Ann

    My word verification is "desist" - I hope I haven't been TOO much of a bother!

  3. I used to play with these frogs that lived near a stream beside our house when I was five! There were lots of bulrushes growing there as well. I have not seen them since as the area was subdivided and the stream destroyed. Thanks for the wonderful memory!

    Good luck at the Fair!
    Fox : )

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your frog pictures. I've rarely seen tree frogs. We had a full grown one get in the house one summer when we lived in a very shady house in the country. The only time I've seen the tiny ones was when my daughters were given some tadpoles that had been rescued from a swimming pool that was being prepared for summer use. I love to hear them in the trees at night.

  5. Such tiny jumpers! (Folks from the UK will think I am talking about sweaters, hee hee.)

  6. What cuties! I'm happy to just look at them too. :-)

  7. p.s. I LOVE your froggie collage! The colours are glorious and your frogs have such character. It is really good - good enough to blow up and frame and hang in someone's room! The little ones might love it!
    Fox : ))


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