Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not a Fairy Tale . . .

Once upon a time, four tatters met at a Chinese restaurant for lunch.  Two of these tatters know eachother after getting together every month as the Twin Cities Tatters.  And one of those tatters is lucky enough to have a daughter that tats.  Now, the fourth tatter traveled a looonng way to meet up with the Twin Cities Tatters. 

Well, I guess the fourth tatter really had other reasons to travel such a long way, but it was a good start to the story.

It was a pleasure to meet Diane, the Lace-Lovin' Librarian today as she & her husband rolled into town for a visit with her daughters.  She agreed to meet Michelle of Tela-Magistrae and I for lunch.  Michelle brought her daughter also (who is, by the way, a great new recruit to the Twin Cities Tatters.)  And Diane is now officially an honorary member of the Twin Cities Tatters.

Here we are - proof that this is not a fairy tale story!

Michelle, Cindy & Diane

In true tatter fashion, we shared show & tell, ideas, techniques and tools.  Honestly, it is so much fun to meet other tatting bloggers in person! (I'm sure the restaurant proprietors wondered if we would ever leave . . . )

Diane brought this - all that way - for me.  What fun to get such goodies! 

An All-American Diane-made shuttle (woo hoo!) with matching thread and patriotic beads, and a Diane-made scissors fob - all in a great little tatting pouch. As if she didn't have enough to remember traveling to visit her daughters & grandies!

And, Michelle brought some of her Aunt Rose goodies to share. I certainly came home with more than I left with.

What a fabulous day!
Now, I think I should tat.


  1. Great story- and they lived happily ever after!

  2. Twin Cities Tatter Tells Terrific Tatting Tales!
    Fox : )

  3. What a great tatting tale! It is so much fun to meet other tatting bloggers in person. And such wonderful goodies! So glad all of you could get together.

  4. Had to be a great meeting of minds....or is that a meeting of great minds...or tatters? At any rate, you all had fun!

  5. It was wonderful to read about this visit! I love that blogging has brought about these opportunities!

  6. I had a wonderful time meeting the three of you! What a perfect blend... Chinese food, tatting goodies, and friends! I had a wonderful visit, but I'm happy to be home... ready to blog!


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