Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zinfandel Obedience

Finally!  Once I got one wing tamed, the other one fell right into place!  A little obedience training goes a long way :)
Introducing my first dragon, Zinfandel.:

He is the 22nd motif of my 2nd 25-Motif Challenge, in size 20 Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest. (Or she?  No, must be a he with all the obedience training he needed.)  In any case, I missed Wine Wednesday, so "Thankfully Thursday" rolled in :)

It seems as though once I accomplish a pattern, it all becomes so clear.  All I need to do is pay very close attention to the pattern, and do exactly as it says.  (Duh.)  Somehow I always end up trying to turn, reverse work, switch shuttles, etc. when I don't really have to. (Who is it that needs the obedience training?)

Finishing this dragon feels like an accomplishment - and gives me more confidence to keep trying new patterns.  But the perfectionist in me wants to make another dragon so I can do it right the first time!


  1. He is GLORIOUS!!! Looks fantastic!

  2. He's great! I haven't tried that pattern yet, was it hard?

  3. I'm glad you tamed him... he's fabulous! I know what you mean about a pattern seeming so clear once it's finished. I have an awful lot of "Duh!" moments. It all seems so simple after the fact.

    What color will your next one be? ; )

  4. He certainly looks absolutely PERFECT to me!

    What a lovely fellow, tatted beautifully in gorgeous thread. Nice work! I have yet to tackle this pattern!

    make me want to tat it right now!
    Fox : )

  5. Congratulations! He looks fabulous! Dragon taming is addictive, they just look soooo cool:)

  6. Wonderful!

    Once I tatted this dragon, it seemed easy. But months later, when I tatted it again, I had to carefully pay attention again...after making a few boo-boo's and retrotatting or "redesigning". It's just one of those that you really have to pay attention to.

  7. handsome is as handsome does, and he is very handsome

  8. Congratulations friend! You are the 20th Mondo Monday giveaway winner!
    Please email me your address and I will get your prize in the mail!

  9. Oh! I had missed the birth of this beauty! Way to go - he is handsome indeed!

    I did this pattern a long time ago, I should revisit it now with more experience, you know?


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