Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tatting AND Quilting, Oh My!

Round 6 of Renulek’s Spring Doily 2018 - done!  I’m really enjoying tatting this doily so far - it’s been simple rounds, and is going well.  I’m not sure where to add some plain cream thread yet, but that’s the plan.  And then eventually another round of the variegated.  We’ll see where each color seems to fit.

I also got my pink squares mailed off for the Tat a Brussels Monument project.  That is such a huge project - it will be fun to see how it is displayed this summer.  I can’t imagine putting all of these little squares (10,000?!) together - I have a hard enough time completing a doily!  It’s been fun to follow along and see the submissions from all over the world.  I only managed to get 6 squares completed, but a submission nonetheless, and with heartfelt wishes for all women.  What a wonderful project to bring attention to tatting, and how so many from all over the world can come together with a common interest.

And [as if I don’t have enough projects and interests already]  I saw this wonderful collage quilt in my local quilt shop last fall.  I’ve been watching for classes ever since, and finally they had one!  I thoroughly enjoyed learning this new technique, and though I’m not thoroughly satisfied yet, here’s my start:

I am continuing to add to the seahorse’s tail, and I’m going to cover the orange fin with flowers - that orange is really bugging me!   I also tried a small Minnesota shaped collage - another collage style with strips of fabric covering the image.  This small one, of course, is a little quicker - and can be used on smaller items or glued to greeting cards.  I see a few of these in my future, not sure what I will use them on, but they will be handy for something!

My sewing room is a disaster, so tonite I think I’ll tat.  HA!


  1. Your round 6 looks so neat! I’m enjoying tatting the doily too. Love your seahorse, perhaps you can combine quilting and tatting.

  2. Your doily is looking great! I love that seahorse design. It's easy to see why your sewing room would be a disaster, but that's part of the creative process, isn't it?

  3. Love seahorses and nice quilting going on🐙🐳🐙 love this variegated browns, looks like butterflies on next round maybe they would be cute in cream color maybe variegated chains.just having fun thinking about it looks like you got plenty of time to decide any way🌹

  4. Your doily is very beautiful!!! :)
    Great squares and other projects! :)

  5. As always, your doily is amazing! I love, love, love the colors! Can't wait to see it in person....
    I did a square for each female member of my family and almost sent it without one for me!

    The seahorse is absolutely glorious!


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