Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho!

A Secret Santa gift arrived last week from Oregon - what a fun package to get in the mail! Beautiful Lizbeth thread (Jelly Bean and Spring Green) and a pretty bookmark. I can't wait to use this thread :)

This Secret Santa exchange is through the InTatters group.  Funny, I had been thinking that I needed to make a bookmark for myself one of these days, since I continue to give away every one I make.  The English Major has most of them.  It's special to receive one knowing the time and effort put into it.  After admiring my gifts for a little while, I realized that the thread actually matches the gift wrap too - how fun is that? 

I am enjoying meeting other tatters through this group and the exchanges they share.  Everyone is so willing to help with questions and eager to share tips and patterns.  It's especially nice for me since there don't seem to be many tatters or groups near me.  We have the Minnesota Lace Society involving many types of lace, but nothing specifically for tatters.  That group meets every month, but it's a bit far for me to trudge after work when I'm not interested in the other types of lacemaking.  (Or rather, I don't want to become interested in any more hobbies!)

Speaking of no time for new hobbies, this is the only tatting I have been able to accomplish lately - a few wreath ornaments to include in packages and cards:

I am working on a snowflake or two as time permits, but have not accomplished a WHOLE one yet.  LOL.  If nothing else, I am learning that one must pay attention to the pattern and not let the mind wander.  Else one attaches to the wrong picot (or forgets to attach anywhere). I really need to learn to slow down.

 I am getting into the Christmas spirit now!  I'm off to get the tree up and the house decorated for the season.

More Secret Santa stuff to come this week.  And soon it's time for the girls and I to make the Christmas lefse!


  1. Isnt' this exchange fun? I'd never participated on an exchange like this before and I really enjoyed it! That is a very nice wreath. I like the green bow. These may be simple, but they really add to the cards. Merry Christmas!

  2. Your new bookmark is lovely! I love the look of Jelly Bean and Spring Green together! Spring Green goes with a lot of their fabulous multi-colored threads!

    Your wreath is cute and very festive!

  3. My first time visiting your blog, I didn't know that you were another tatter. Thanks for stopping over at my blog and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.Come back soon. Happy Tats


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