Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This burlap has been staring me in the face for quite awhile now, and the ideas keep floating through my brain.  (And that's about all they do - float on through!)  I've been planning to make a cover for the breadmaker and maybe a cover for the toaster with burlap, and adding matching fabric for the edges - but I haven't gotten to that yet.  I did have a request from both daughters for a burlap bag, however.  They know I'm a sucker for BAGS.   Soooo, I finally got one done.  

Messenger bag style, big enough for a laptop and file folders. I think I'm pretty smart to make up the pattern as I go and actually have it turn out pretty well.  Then I got to thinking (here we go again).  Aha!  Wouldn't a tatted motif with beads look GREAT on the flap of a bag?  Or at least as an embellishment somewhere.  Now I have a purpose for some of those motifs :)  Beads on the bags, beads on the breadmaker, beads on the toaster . . .


  1. Love your bag...very pretty combination of fabrics!

  2. Nice bag, I like how you set the printing on the flap.

  3. GORGEOUS!!! I love it!!!

    And I can see tatting on the edge. A combo of delicate and sturdy.


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