Sunday, January 20, 2013

How Dare She?

I'm usually pretty successful at avoiding a DARE, but this time I couldn't resist.  She dared me.

Jane's TIAS (Tat-it-and-See) 2013 has begun, and I was pretty sure I couldn't make time for it.  And I said so. "It takes no time at all", she said. "You could get caught up in about 15 minutes!  It was so fun last year, I'm doing it again."  And then she said, "I DARE you."  Uff da.  So much for not making time.  Thanks alot, FOX :)  How DARE she DARE me?

So, I'm in.  I started in by printing the instructions and plunking myself down with my 4-legged kids.

They do make it somewhat difficult to find room to tat . . .
Well, first they had to move.  And then I got started on catching up on Day 1.  Easy enough!

8 rings separated by simple chains.  
Day 1 Done.

Moving right along on Day 2.  At ring #16 I realized I didn't have enough rings from Day 1.  What?  How did I do that?  Tatting Lesson Learned (for the 800th time) - follow directions.  Ugh.  Must fix.

OK.  Fixed. Hokey addition with variegated thread,
but Day 2 Done.

And Day 3 Done.
Caught up and ready for Day 4.
I DID NOT cut and tie!

Fox is right.  The small daily tats don't take long, so if you want to join in - just DO it.  



  1. Ok so you have dared me, But Jane knows I am not at home due to family bereavements, hopefully might get home at the weekend after the two funerals, so dare all you like, I will join in ASAP.

  2. I'm glad to see you've joined the fun! Today's task... learn the Catherine Wheel join... I must remain intrepid!

  3. I applaud you! You picked up that tatted gauntlet and ran away with it. Brava!
    Fox : ))


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