Sunday, January 27, 2013

TIAS Day 6 and JOINS

Day 6 of the TIAS 2013:

Day 6
What is this thing????  Ted says it's a grocery cart.  Maybe it's a baby buggy?  With 5 more days to complete the motif, I think we'll know SOON :)

Day 6 was good split ring practice, and had me fumbling with the correct way to join.  Duh.  Re-joined about 3 times on the first join, and then I realized I was making it waaaaaay too hard.  I think I've got it now . . .


Yesterday, Michelle and her daughters and I got together for some tatting at the coffee shop.  We practiced the Catherine Wheel Join (CWJ) that I could have used back on Day 4 (but didn't).  It's really quite easy, especially after watching Marilee's great video.  And since we were onto joins, we also tried the Lark's Head Join (LHJ) - and found Karen's video to be very helpful.  The question is, why would one use the LHJ vs. a regular join?  We also tried to get Jane's blipless join to work, but to no avail.  (I really need to master that one using these variegated threads!)  We then questioned whether or not the LHJ produced the same results as the blipless join?  When and where does one use these different joining techniques, and why?    More study necessary in the future. 

And it's snowing like crazy outside here . . . 


  1. I'm still guessing it's a flower pot... we'll soon know! I am so jealous of your snow! It started drizzling here about an hour ago. I don't think we've had in inch of snow yet this year, and what we have had has melted in one day. I may have to move to Minnesota!

  2. So glad you could all get together!

    I never dreamed when I first learned to tat, and thought I was proficient after a few years but now realize I was still a beginner(!), that we would be discussing Catherine Wheel joins and lark's head joins and bliplesss joins, etc. I'm really glad I learned to tat 20 years ago! Otherwise I might have felt totally intimidated! It is worthwhile learning all these things, however; and we have communication as never before, especially with videos on the internet. It's been amazing to watch all of this evolve!

    This looks like my backyard! But we only had about 5", and it's going to warm up again for a day. Still have to get through February!

  3. we have drizzle and forecast for 6-12" snow yet before this is all done tomorrow.
    What fun to get together.
    I use the LHPJ for any join in threads where 2 different colors would come together. I use Krystle's version, for me that works very well. I have used Lily Moralles version that you can find on Paradise but that to me is a bit more fiddly, tho at one time that was the only way I knew. I haven't worked with Jane's Blipless join, as I have been pleased with Krystle's version.


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