Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TIAS Day 4

I chose to make Day 4 pretty easy and went with lock joins vs. the Catherine Wheel Join (CWJ), which I haven't quite mastered yet.  I have done it, but it doesn't roll off my shuttles without a little study.

Here is Day 4 progress:

Day 4 - What is this?
I still have no idea what this could be.  Where is my imagination?  

This is a good project to get my brain going on some simple technique study.  Michelle and I have talked about how the various techniques are fun to study and master, but because most are not used on every piece one tats it's hard to remember how to do each one without a little refresher study.  Jane has some great technique instructions on her TIPS and TECHNIQUES page.   And specifically for the TIAS Day 4, here are links to her LOCK JOIN  and CATHERINE WHEEL JOIN instruction pages.

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  1. Your TIAS is looking pretty good. You did a good job of picking up that missed ring - except for the variegated thread it wouldn't be all that noticeable. I have made several less than beautiful elements in my TIAS but have decided they are learning experiences and have left them in. They say that your mistakes teach better than your easy accomplishments (I keep telling myself this anyway). I'm enjoying this experience and waiting with bated breath to see what comes next ;-)


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