Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bead Inspiration

Diane did it! (Don't you love a tattletail?) She inspired some bead use in my tatting with a little gift from her visit to Minnesota.  I was SO jealous to miss out on lunch with Diane and Michelle over Christmas break, but Diane left some goodies with Michelle to deliver to me. 

A beautiful little tin full of thread and matching beads.  PLUS, a little latch hook and some rings.  I think it was a hint that I needed more  beads in my life!  I was so excited to have beads to match the thread that I didn't know what to make first with such a fun gift. I decided on the December Snowflake pattern that Frivole so generously shared as her final creation of 2012 HERE.  This is a great snowflake pattern done in one pass, and good to practice with beads.  So wonderfully easy and relaxing to tat that I messed up the first one and didn't even realize it until I bragged some to myself that it was going very well.

Neither of my snowflakes lie nice and flat even after blocking, but I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing to create that problem.  Maybe I 'snug' a bit too tightly?  Anyway - thanks to Frivole for the pattern, and to Diane for the bead inspiration!  I'm thinking Valentine hearts with the pink combination . . .


  1. They look great! Very pretty. Enjoy those neato goodies!
    Fox : )

  2. I haven't tried Frivole's pattern yet, but I do have it printed out! I've been avoiding using beads myself, but I felt the nudge I needed because Michelle gave me some beads!

    I'm so glad you're enjoying your little present!

  3. Very, very pretty! I'm going to give it a try now. After I finish.....

  4. This is beautiful, I am going to give it a try in the future now, really pretty, good job :)

  5. What a lovely present and your snowflake is gorgeous, I have not tried this pattern yet as I have not had time, although I did do her pervious snowflake with the doodad which is a very easy pattern so I am sure this is will be the same.

  6. Oh, you luck girl, to receive such goodies! The snowflake looks beautiful.

  7. Sorry to sound like a parrot, but "Oh. My. Gosh. Indeed!" I have not yet ordered the second Jan Stawasz book (though I am chomping at the bit to do so) because my funds are low. Boo! All I can do is drool unflatteringly at the acquisitions of others until I can finally order my own copy.

    Your threads and beads look terrific! What a great surprise! Now you have me mulling over Frivole's snowflake...


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